Janet Rady

Making a Splash


Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present ‘Making a Splash’, showcasing works by nine artists: Adam de Boer, Armin Amirian, Sébastien Arcouet, Hawazin Alotaibi, Elizabeth Power, Anaelle Myriam Chaaib, Paula López-Bravo, Trisha Lambi and Tom Hammick.


Transporting us into a world of water – whether it’s by the sea, a pool or a lake, we are invited to enjoy and celebrate all that is good about summertime, for as Ella Fitzgerald famously sang ‘Summertime and the livin is easy’.

This group show brings together artists from around the globe, including the UK, US, France, Morocco, Iran, Australia and Saudi Arabia. The thread which draws them together is their relationship to water. Each artist treats the subject differently. In some cases, the water is the central feature of the work, be it a painting or a photo, and in others it’s tangential. In many works, the artist focuses on our personal relationship with water, often mediated through the trappings of pleasure (think surf boards, boats, deckchairs and parasols, etc), whilst in others, we are left to observe the scene out of the frame and to focus instead on the natural beauty of the environment.

Aside from its literal meaning, ‘Making a Splash’ can be interpreted as a metaphor for making an impact or attracting attention and it’s with this intention that we present the show.