AINORI Gallery



AINORI gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition “Altrove”. The art display spans across the works by the Portuguese artists Maria José Cabral , Mariana Malheiro , Vera Matias and the Spanish artist Paula López-Bravo.


The Spanish artist Paula López-Bravo expresses her idea of the Altrove by representing the combination of the real and the unreal made possible by a mix of abstraction and figuration, a dominant element in the development of artistic representation. The painter’s creative process is a game of harmonies and disharmonies, between abstract works and the concreteness of the characters represented: images that transport us to estranging universes.


The protagonists of this exhibition use shapes and colours to describe their everyday life and their creative self . Each work takes on the connotations of an original «artist’s studio» focused on the universe of personal and collective emotions. This process is well expressed by the title of the exhibition, which in fact refers to the Latin word «aliter-ubi», meaning «differently where». Altrove, an Italian word meaning «elsewhere», is intended here as the place that symbolises the absence of the empirical, the banal. It is a sphere of experience aimed at suggesting a desire to escape, of alienation, and which takes concrete form by the hands of the protagonists representing their becoming in the world by re-elaborating the past and imagining the future, in creations on canvas, or on paper.